Why It Works

Keyword & Page Ranking

Amazon’s algorithm ranks products on price, volume, velocity, and social proof (reviews). Our system helps you boost all of these. We have our testers target a keyword of your choice, purchase at full-price, and leave their honest thoughts on it, usually via reviews. This will boost your keyword and page ranking.


Amazon has made it clear that they don’t want sellers buying reviews. There are no restrictions, however, on receiving product “feedback,” an important difference. Thus, our method of having consumers test your product and leave feedback on it, fully complies with Amazon’s submission guidelines. See our “Amazon’s Policy” page fore more details on how we do our best to follow all of Amazon’s guidelines.

Social Proof

Buyers may click on your listing, but will they purchase? It does not matter if it is Amazon, Chewy, Ebay, Etsy, Temu, or Walmart, buyers want to read what others think about a product before purchasing. Reviews will drive sales and put all of your advertising spend to work, becuase now instead of just clicking you are CONVERTING!

How It Works

Amazon, Chewy, Ebay, Etsy, Temu and Walmart sellers who are looking for people to try their products and leave their honest thoughts on them, will engage our firm via live chat, email, phone or by registering for a plan.

Not all sellers are at the same stage of their growth story. Some are just getting started and should move slowly. Others are ready for rocket fuel. We customize our approach to meet you where you’re at.
Our network of product testers will begin to purchase your product using targeted keywords, test it and then leave unbiased comments on it, usually via product reviews
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