How We Comply with
Amazon’s ToS and Product Reviews Policies

As a former third-party seller on Amazon, we know how critical it is to adhere to their Terms of Service
Agreement and general policies. We’ve been sellers too – and protecting you is as
important to us as protecting ourselves. Read below for details on how we keep you safe.

It is very important to note, that although we commit to providing safe and effective tools for all platforms and marketplaces, due to the dynamic and ever changing environments of each platform, it is the responsibility of the seller to do their due diligence that the tools utilized align with compliance requirements. Ultimately, any 3rd party service provider could open you up to risks associated with your account. We believe everyone has the right to elect marketing strategies to help promote their products in an honest and ethical way that seek to contribute to the community guidelines. 

Want to read more about Amazon’s ToS? Check it out on Seller Central here.

Every review you receive is compliant and adheres to Amazon’s policies. Here’s How:

    • We like to think of our organization as a focus group. Thus, we give our product testers the product in advance,
      that way it’s never tied back to or contingent upon leaving a review. We never do rebates or reimbursements only after someone leaves a review.
    • We do NOT ask testers to leave reviews.
    • We do NOT influence what people write.
    • We never compensate people for reviews.
    • We cannot guarantee reviews!

Amazon has a policy on promotional content: “Although products may be provided to customers for free or at a discount, and those customers may write reviews, any attempt to influence or manipulate reviews is prohibited, including conditioning any future benefit on writing a review or the content of the review.” Therefore, we stay out of the process. If our buyers want to write a review, they can. If they want to use our feedback form to share how they feel they can do that as well. 

Our method is designed to eliminate the non-compliant activities of our competitors.

Our community of verified, motivated Product Testers leave reviews because:

    • They love testing out products.
    • They’ve committed to telling you what they think because they enjoy sharing their opinion.
    • They enjoy helping businesses by giving completely honest product feedback.
    • They have the option to leave feedback in any way they like

To ensure your safety and compliance, we also make sure you never communicate with Product Testers.

That way, you’re protected from infractions like:

    • Asking Buyers to divert negative feedback via a non-Amazon channel.
    • Having direct communication with customers that could appear like a friend/family relationship.
    • Risking any sort of conduct between Buyer and Seller that could be interpreted as non-compliant.

We’re always on top of Amazon’s latest rules, policies, and ToS changes. Our success depends on your success!

* Our firm does not have any affiliation with Amazon
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