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No. You never communicate with anyone except our firm. This creates a separation from you and the consumer.

The best way to grow a healthy business is steadily through time. You don’t want a sudden boost in sales/feedback/reviews only for it to go back down to where you started before your marketing event.

Thus, our team will review your unique ASIN, your current sales, the product category, and other metrics to determine an effective strategy for you.

The goal is to slowly but surely get you more testers leaving feedback on your product! Thus, timeframes vary per product.

No you are not buying product reviews. This would violate Amazon’s Product Review Guidelines.
Consumers who are shopping online rely on product feedback to make informed purchase decisions. Thus, we encourage our network to provide their opinions, both favorable and unfavorable, to help other consumers. However, our product testers have a great track record of providing high-quality feedback, and many of them enjoy leaving product reviews.

No, we are not affiliated in any way with Amazon.

We actually have an entire page dedicated to this question. In short, we like to think of our organization as a focus group. Thus, we give our product testers the product in advance, that way it’s never tied back to or contingent upon them leaving a review. Unlike our competitors, we don’t reimburse people only after they leave a review (otherwise it would be contingent upon them leaving a review). We do NOT ask testers to leave reviews. We do NOT influence what people write and we never compensate people for reviews.
In addition to all of this, when consumers fill out our application, one of our terms & conditions explicity says “you are not required to leave a product review”. Consumers have the freedom to provide their comments via our product feedback form if they would like. If they decide to leave a review, we also advise them to disclose that the product was free/complimentary and is a promotional product.

We have experienced buyers on every e-commerce platform. The sellers we help do very well on Ebay, Etsy and Walmart! We are looking for sellers on Temu as we think this is a great platform and area of expansion for a lot of sellers to do business and we have the ability to help them quickly scale!

You should expect us to coordinate all of the requested purchases on your product, but we do not guarantee reviews that will go live on your e-commerce platform of choice. We cannot require and do not require buyers to leave e-commerce platform reviews. While we do ask for product feedback, we accept this feedback in many different ways, including our feedback form or through product listing reviews. Unfortunately, not all of your test credits will result in a review. We strive to provide a safe tool for product feedback but you must use our services at your own discretion.

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