Questions & Answers

Increase Conversion With More Questions and Answers

When your customers land on your product listing, they first check out your Quality of Photos, Relevant Title, Informative
Bullet Points and Descriptions, and of course, Reviews.

If they’re still interested after they’ve given these 4 things a quick glance, you’ve done a great job! But what if your
customers now have additional questions they need answered before they purchase? If you don’t have a quality Q&A
section, you could lose them. Don’t let that happen! 

With this service, we’ll ask our experienced testers to review your entire listing (Photos, Title, Bullet Points, Description,
Q&A) and then post questions that they believe are needed in order to make a well-informed purchase. This, in turn, will
gradually increase the social proof you need to convert more sales.

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5 Questions


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